Honorary Officers rewarded for service

Seven long-serving honorary police officers were honoured at a ceremony at Government House last week.  The volunteers were awarded either the Honorary Police Long and Meritorious Service Medal, given when offices have served more than 12 years or a “bar” to that medal showing that they have spent more than 21 years working for the organisation.

Stuart McAlister, a Vingtenier for St Martin was awarded a bar to his medal and also Peter Searle who serves as a Centenier for St Martin.

Maurice Gotel, a Centenier and Chef de Police for St Martin, received both a medal and a bar.

Martin Zimmer, a Centenier for St Peter, Paul Gaudin, a Centenier for St Martin, Clive Murphy, St Ouen Chef de Police and Centenier, Dennis Owen, a Constable’s Officer in Trinity, and St Martin Constable’s Officer Teresa Rolland each received a medal for long and meritorious service.

The Bailiff, William Bailhache also attend the ceremony.

Photograph: Tony Pike Jersey Evening Post